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Taylor Page

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Ever since I could hold a comb I knew I wanted to do hair. I started in this industry very young as a shampoo girl. From there, I have grown into a licensed stylist, hair instructor to salon owner. Every inch of this industry gives me drive and inspiration. I love helping and training new people coming into and out of hair school as they are the future of this industry. I also love love love colour (especially blondes, balayage, and rainbow colours).

I wake up every day so excited to go to work. After all, who wouldn't love getting to be creative, artistic, and make people feel and look good all while visiting your friends!

Krista Dawson

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Hey everyone! I'm a Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist and I've been a part of the hair community since 2012 and part of the Masterpiece family since 2017.

I have an amazing husband, 2 wonderful kids, and a little fur baby!

I have a passion for making people feel refreshed and excited about their hair! I love transformation cuts and natural beautiful colours! I also really love cutting kids' hair, and have been so honoured to have been welcomed into so many families over the years!

Dallas Paul

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Hi everyone! I have been in the hair industry since 2014. I have always loved getting my hands into hair. I really enjoy foiling and creating soft natural looks but my true love is hair cutting and styling. I believe styling is so important, it's the cherry on top to the perfect haircut! I want all my clients to achieve their #hairgoals and I think with the perfect style, my clients will be ready for compliments.

Brianna Fitzpatrick

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Hey, I'm Bri! I was born and raised in Ontario but made my way to beautiful Alberta at 19 and have never looked back!

I'm a winter homebody but I love the summertime, mountains, and being outdoors!

I'm a red seal journeyman stylist and have been in the industry since 2014! I have a love for all things hair and making my clients look and feel beautiful - I especially love doing balayage and blonding!

Feel free to visit my Instagram page for my past work or for inspiration. I look forward to seeing you in my chair! :)

Angi Brososky

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When I was 12 at camp, we sent a “Dear Future Me” letter to ourselves and in it, I wrote that I would become a hairstylist. Eight years later in 2015, I went to hair school and have been in the industry ever since! My favourite things surrounding hair are dimensional low maintenance colours, transformation cuts and colours including grey transitioning, and any type of blonding. I also love a good bob or pixie, and styling hair! I believe your hair can look how you want it to if you have the right tools, products, and resources, but it's also important to accept your hair the way it grows! I love to learn, & enjoy helping & educating my guests, so come to me with any hair-related questions & let’s work together to make your hair something you enjoy doing & seeing everyday! 

Pascale Humphreys

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Hello, I’m a passionate Red Seal journeywoman stylist. I graduated from hair design school in 2015. I’m a perfectionist with particular attention to detail. I have a burning desire to constantly learn, develop new skills, and provide consistency. I’m extremely tactile and creative. It is what brought me to this phenomenal career; that and a love for people, fashion, and artistry. I am known for my haircutting techniques. My signature hair slicing technique brings heavy dull hair back to life with movement and lightness for an effortless on-trend style. I love hair cutting but rest assured; I am comfortable in all aspects of my trade. I enjoy balayage, foils, and fashion colors. I have an affinity for hot shaves, fades, and beard trims. Nothing better than a sharp cut and a clean, crisp beard. When you are in my chair it is all about you. Let me play with your hair; let’s exceed your expectations. Let’s make the world a beautiful place, one head at a time. To see my work, you can visit my portfolio on Instagram.

Danielle Chaisson

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Hello, I'm Danielle. I started in this industry in 1999, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Initially, it was a stepping stone to being a hair product developer, but I quickly fell in love with the craft and the relationship building that is being a hairstylist.

I've taken classes near and far and even taught a few, but my favourite place would be New York City - the people-watching alone is a treat.

My passion gets ignited with natural curls, short haircuts of all types (my speciality being razor haircuts), hair restoration, and bringing out the natural beauty you may not see with hair colour and highlights. I really want to make your hair life at home easier.

I'm a firm believer that it isn't just hair, it's the most important part of your outfit; I'm here to let you know that it's okay for it to matter to you, because it's important to me too.

Nina Crist

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Hello! My name is Nina and I am a licenced stylist at Masterpiece Salon. Not much has changed since finishing my apprenticeship here; I still learn everyday from my co-workers, I still enjoy all aspects of hair and my family continues to be a huge support of my career. I am overjoyed with the clients that I have gained and the friendships I have made through my career choice and if you are still searching for your special stylist, I would love for you to give me a try. Masterpiece is my happy hair home and I would love for you to have that same opportunity.

Hailey Rogers

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Hewoh you (insert Michael Scott accent) I’m Hailey and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a Hairstyling Apprentice! With a genuine love for what I do, it’s my personal mission to make sure you leave not only looking fantastic but also feeling truly seen and appreciated. The outdoors, animals, uplifting others, and my family are things I’m passionate about! Fun fact; I’ve worked in eight different industries, so I’m sure we’ll find something interesting to chat about! Whether we're fine tuning your style, or just sharing a laugh, I’m here to make your visit fun and unforgettable. Let’s make some magic!

Shelby Bowser-Sinclair

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With a passion for hair that dates back as far as I can remember, I’ve been professionally dedicated to the art since June of 2015. Specializing in foils/balayage and colours, I pour my heart into creating vibrant, lived-in, trendsetting looks. As an education junkie, I'm always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and techniques. Join me on your next hair journey.  

Sabrina Nagy

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Hey there, friends! I’m Sabrina, a certified Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist with experience in the industry since 2015. Hairdressing runs in my family – my Mom was a hairstylist, which ignited my passion for it early on. Working behind the chair is my joy; I thrive on meeting new people, listening to their stories, and fulfilling all their hair needs! I specialize in vibrant colors, balayage, blondes, and creating multidimensional hair shades. As a Bellami Certified Mastery Extensionist, I love making dream hairstyles a reality! My chair is a safe place for all. Beyond the salon, I’m devoted to continuous education, cherishing time with my family and my 2 dogs. Exploring different cuisines and embracing the beauty of nature. I’m eagerly looking forward to welcoming familiar faces back into my chair and expanding my hair family. 

Sophie Jarvis

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Hi everyone! I joined this industry in 2021 after finishing my education in Social Work. I have always had a love for hair, which has stayed with me from a little girl playing in her room through to today where it has become my career. I think this industry is forever changing and evolving which allows for so much creativity & that’s what I love the most. I’m excited to get to know everyone in my chair & to be in a career that is forever growing. So far I enjoy long hair cutting, and colouring of all sorts. Other than hair, I have a love for all things coffee, animals, music & travelling. I look forward to seeing you in my chair! :)

Faith McLean

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Hi, I'm Faith. For as long as I can remember I have loved making people feel beautiful. I love colouring hair, cutting hair, styling hair, and doing brow waxing. I was born and raised in Red Deer. I have 2 adorable bulldogs named Lucy and Jack, 1 black cat, and 2 hairless cats named Minnie and Millie (who love to sleep on me). My hobbies are swimming and shopping!

Steph Nacinovich

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Hey, I'm Steph! A Red Seal Journeyman with over a decade of experience. One of my favourite services to provide is foils, or anything blonde. I also love cutting, and being able to customize each style for each guest. I am very particular, and have an eye for detail. I love education and attend any and all classes I can from cutting to colour placement and even product knowledge. I look forward to helping you achieve your hair goals!

Gabby Footz

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Hi, I'm Gabrielle, but please feel free to call me Gabby! I've been in the hair industry for 8 years and specialize in lived-in blondes, balayage, and reds/coppers. I am highly known for having a passion for long hair and stepping out of my comfort zone by competing in hair competitions. When I'm not behind the chair I am finding new hobbies to try, and spending time with family and friends or out in nature. 

Bekah Brown

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Hi, I’m Bekah! I’m a red seal hairstylist and Bellami Master Certified Extensionist. I am passionate about helping people reach their hair goals and have built long-lasting relationships with my clients since I started my career in 2016. I practice with obsessive attention to detail, and I am artistic in every area of my life. Whether you know exactly what you want your hair to look like or you are open to getting creative, I am excited to make that happen for you! My favourite creations are celebrity-quality looks from blondes to balayage and extensions. When I’m not at the salon you can find me paddle boarding, hiking or making memories with my family and friends. 

Azalea Friesen

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Hi! My name is Azalea and I'm an associate here at Masterpiece. :) I fell in love with doing hair in high school and it's been my dream to be a stylist ever since! 

In my free time, you can find me serving at my local church and hanging out with my pals! I look forward to seeing some new faces in my chair and meeting all of you lovely people :)

Izy Hartford

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Hi I'm Isabelle! I am an Apprentice Hairstylist. I fell in love with doing hair at a younger age, it let me have the opportunity to be creative and express myself through my work. I am able to use my skills and artistic vision to transform clients' hairstyles and help them feel confident and beautiful. In my free time you can find me spending time with my 4-year-old Great Dane, Mila, at 3 Mile Bend, working out at the gym, or volunteering with young individuals in our community! I'm so excited to see some new faces in my chair. 

Erika Mayer

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Hello everyone! I’m Erika, I’m a Red Seal Journey-person with 8 years of experience working in the industry!


After bad haircuts and awkward small talk for most of my life, I’ve made it my goal to create a safe place to express yourself in my chair both emotionally and through your hair. I’ve always been drawn towards vivid colours, lived in blondes, androgynous cuts and natural curls. I’m an avid reader, gamer, cat parent, and self proclaimed nerd so I am certain we will never run out of things to talk about. 

Isabelle St-Hilaire

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Hi! I’m Isabelle, and since starting this career in 2020, I’ve always strived to create a long-lasting smile that will be plastered to your face once you see your hair. I am passionate about custom grey blending and stunning blondes, and continuing my education to always keep up with any new trends you are looking for! When I’m not behind the chair, you can find me with my head buried in a book, making some jewelry, or yelling at my amazing (slightly annoying) cats to get off the counter… Oh my god they just spilled another glass of water. I look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces in my chair.

Julia Thomson

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Hey Everyone! My name is Julia and I am the front desk lead here at Masterpiece. I have been apart of the team since 2022 and it has become a home to me. You can find me up at the front most likely with a coffee in hand and a smile on my face. It brings me such joy to be able to watch our guests come in and feel like the best versions of themselves when they walk out the door. When I’m not at the Salon you can find me enjoying the sun outdoors or spending time with my family.


Our Red Deer Team

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