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Here at Masterpiece Salon, we offer a variety of extension methods to help cater to our guest's needs and customize their look. We take great pride in offering hair that is ethically sourced, single donor, natural with no chemicals, and high quality. The main brand of hair we offer to our guests is Philocaly.


Why do people get hair extensions? Many people get hair extensions for additional length; however, extensions can provide thickness and fullness to desired areas! Extensions also provide a great alternative to adding colour or a pop of colour, without having to alter the natural hair.


Below is the type of methods we offer. If you are interested in getting hair extensions, please message us directly or book online for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We provide in-person consultations to get the best results as we can colour match your hair, discuss the proper method that will suit you best, determine the best length and thickness needed, and explain the maintenance required.


What are the main differences between hand-tied wefts and tape-ins?

We are firm believers that no one method is perfect for everyone, which is why it is important to have a thorough consultation with your stylist to determine the best method for you! The main differences that you should be aware of are as follows:

  • Although Philocaly uses hypoallergenic glue on our tape-ins, it is still possible for people with extreme sensitivities to experience reactions. Hand-tied wefts use no adhesives making them an ideal method for those who are concerned or are prone to allergic reactions.


  • Both methods are completely damage-free and a great option for fine and thin-haired clients.


  • Because no adhesives are used with hand-tied wefts, you do not need to worry about specific products making your extensions slip and/or prematurely breaking down the tabs. Products with sulfate and conditioner usage directly on the tabs are an absolute no no with tape-in hair extensions.


  • Regardless of how well you care for your tape-ins, over time (9-12 months), the tabs will eventually begin to break down. Philocaly hand-tied extensions have a longer life span of 12+ months since no adhesives are used.


  • Hand-tied wefts take longer to apply than tape-in extensions which results in more time in your stylist's chair and more of an investment for application.


  • If top knots, ponytails, and certain hairstyles are important to you, hand-tied wefts could be a better option as they are easier to conceal when wearing your hair up!


Lets make your hair dreams become a reality!

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