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We as a salon company believe that everyone should feel comfortable coming into our space no matter their gender identity. Hair truly has no gender. In saying this we have changed the names and descriptions of our haircuts. Our haircuts are based on time and technique used to get a certain result you are looking for. If you have more questions about which type of haircut to book, please do not hesitate to contact us!

This haircut is for short hair lengths done with scissors, or detailed skin fades. Usually involves texturizing, razoring, and thinning (clippers and trimmers may be used for special areas and designs). Typically takes 35-45 minutes.

Short Design Haircut: 

This haircut is for short hair lengths typically using clippers. Other words to describe this haircut are a Caesar, Fade, Mohawk, Fauxhawk, etc. Typically takes 20-30 minutes.

This haircut is for medium to long hair lengths. Anything from a one-length haircut to layers and texturizing. Typically takes 45 minutes.

Short Hair/Clipper Cut: 

Medium/Long Design Haircut: 

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