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At Masterpiece Salon, we want every single guest to feel like they belong when they walk through our doors. We have lovingly referred to ourselves as the "Island of Misfit Toys", with the idea that we all have different personalities, styles, and life experiences, but we have many constants that pull us together - most importantly the inclusiveness of Masterpiece itself. The love of hair, and the encouragement of being our genuine and authentic selves, have helped mold us into what we are today.

Our team is comprised of loving mothers, gifted stylists, and incredibly talented individuals who all play an important role in our salon company. In the hair world, there are so many different paths that can lead a person to the beauty industry. Some of us have grown up always knowing this was our calling, and some of us have fallen into it - but no matter how we got here, we all share the same passion! We are undoubtedly lucky to be able to do what we adore, and constantly share that with our guests.

When leaving Masterpiece Salon, we look forward to giving our guests the confidence to greet every day that comes, empower them to be their best selves, and to have that same sense of belonging all over again each time they visit.

At our salon, every guest is truly a Masterpiece.

-Love, The Masterpiece Family

The Masterpiece Vision

We as a salon believe that everyone should feel comfortable coming into our salon no matter your gender identity. Hair truly has no gender.

About Us

Our Gift to You!

Welcome to our salon! Every new guest to Masterpiece Salon will receive our exclusive Welcome Package after their first visit, to use towards their future visits.

Complimentary Brow Wax & Tint
20% OFF Your Retail Purchase (That Day Only)
$20 OFF Your Next Colour Service
Complimentary Bobby Pins
Welcome to 
Friends Refer Friends

We are thrilled to offer a referral program for our loyal guests to our salon!  If you refer a NEW guest to Masterpiece Salon and they receive a service, you BOTH will receive $20 off your next service appointment. These referral cards are unlimited so you can refer as many people as you would like - make sure to ask your stylist for these cards to hand out. It's a win, win, win!

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